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Discretionary Fund Giving

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Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

Many people have asked us how they can help out in this time.  As we continue forward in this time of crisis and unknown, there are many people in our community who are facing uncertain futures in terms of their income and employment.  

Some of you might know that we have what is called a discretionary fund. It is a fund to be distributed at the discretion of the clergy, specifically to help people who have some financial need, such as help with rent, paying bills, buying food. 

Instead of contributing this Lent to our outreach offering, and in lieu of contributing to Easter Flowers & Music we are asking those of you who are able to contribute to our discretionary fund.  Please give as generously as you are able. Our discretionary fund currently has $2,000.  In order to meet a variety of needs, we hope that balance will increase with your generous donations. 


Requests to our Discretionary Fund: If you are experiencing any financial distress during this time, please get in touch with us. Any requests to us are strictly confidential.

We also want to thank everyone who is still able to give their contributions online via Realm.  We appreciate your continued commitment to Holy Apostles during this time.  If you would like to switch to online giving, please let us know and we can help you set that up or you can contribute HERE.

We are so grateful for this community especially during this time and we hope that we are able to help each other out as much as possible.

In gratitude with love,

The Mothers


Virtual Meetings - Week of March 23, 2020

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The following is a listing of Virtual Meetings for the week of March 23, 2020:

Monday Compline at 9:00 pm https://zoom.us/j/836556218 |  Or call 646 876 9923 Meeting code 836556218

Wednesday Contemplative Prayer at 7:30 am | https://zoom.us/j/444291880 | Or call 646 876 9923 Meeting code 444291880

Friday Compline at 9:00 pm https://zoom.us/j/556309357 | Or call 646 876 9923 Meeting cod: 556 309 357

Audrey‘s Meetinghttps://zoom.us/j/958241822 | Or call 646 876 9923 Meeting code 958241822

Peter‘s Meetinghttps://zoom.us/j/655026287 | Or call 646 876 9923 Meeting code 655026287


COVID-19 Supermarket Access for those most Vulnerable


Some info about local super markets: 

Windsor Farms Market has agreed to open one hour early from 6-7 am for ELDERLY-ONLY shopping, so seniors and people with disabilities can purchase the items they need in a less crowded environment. They anticipate being 80% stocked by tomorrow and will begin the initiative this coming Wednesday, March 18th @ 6 am. Imad “Joey” Abuzahrieh and members of his staff will be there early to welcome seniors into the store.

Windsor Farms
589 Prospect Avenue

Stop & Shop
1009 Flatbush 
(Flatbush & Albermarle) 

Special Shopping for Seniors 6-7:30 

If you do not want to go out and would like someone to shop for you please let us know.  We have many willing parishioners who are ready to help and drop off groceries. 

In peace,
The Mothers