New Here

    Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

    Whether you have been here one day, one month, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years or more, we are grateful for your presence at Holy Apostles and are excited to grow in God with you this coming program year.

    If you ever wonder what us two Mothers do every day, a good part of our time is spent reflecting on where and how we experience God moving in our lives, in our parish and in the world. It’s important for all of us to reflect and remember what it is we are doing here together in our welcoming little church on Greenwood Avenue. This great project of collaborative ministry is not even 3 years old yet – and yet, in this short time together, we have welcomed new people from many different denominations, we have celebrated many baptisms, confirmations, cried together at the passing of beloved community members and loved ones, prayed, studied, broken bread, sung songs, and have experienced God’s love through our relationships with each other.

    For those of you who are new to Holy Apostles, know that you enter into something evolving and new – where you are welcomed to get involved and get to know your neighbor.

    We invite everyone to join us in reflecting on how God is moving in your life as we continue our journey together!

    In peace with love,
    The Mothers

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