Small Groups

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    Small groups have a long tradition in Christianity - when we look back at the early church in the Acts of the Apostles, we see that not only were there larger gatherings of Christians, but there were also smaller house churches, sharing their stories, studying and praying together.

    Small groups at Holy Apostles are meant not just to be a program or a ministry, they are a way of connecting deeply, and become a way of life as we learn to reflect on how God is moving in our lives. The relationships forged in small groups are a way to grow in Christ and witness to the Gospel. Small groups are purposefully lay-led – that’s right – no priest! 

    Small groups do require a commitment - the group can only thrive if the members do their best to come as regularly as possible, understanding that sometimes we have other commitments.

    The Path Group

    MONDAYS • 7:00PM
    1 hour
    Max 8 people, registration required

    September 30
    October 7, 21, 28
    December 2, 9
    January 6, 13
    March 2, 9, 16, 23
    April 20, 27
    May 4, 11

    The Path: A Journey Through the Bible takes stories from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible are knit together with Scenic Views, Points of Interest, Trail Crossings, and YOU ARE HERE bits of narrative information. The stories are shortened in places, so you don’t find yourself tripping over long lists of “begets and begots” and you may notice that a couple of familiar stories aren’t included.

    The Path is a way to help you get into the Bible, to dig deeper, to discover what trails through God’s grace you want to spend more time on and get to know as your own special way to the heart of Love. You might even find yourself transformed by this journey with The Path, and like the saints, be compelled to see the world as your hungry brothers and sisters in need—and to offer them the best nourishment you know, the Bread of Heaven.

    Pilgrim Group

    TUESDAYS • 7:30PM
    1 hour
    Max 8 people, registration required

    October 1, 8, 15, 22
    December  3, 10
    January 7, 14
    March 3, 10, 17, 24
    April 21, 28
    May 5, 12

    A pilgrim is a person on a journey. The Bible is a book full of journeys. God’s people are always traveling: God’s call to Abraham was to leave his own land for a great journey of faith; God’s call to Moses was to lead God’s people on a journey from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the promised land; Jesus took his first disciples on a journey from Galilee to Jerusalem. One of the earliest names for the people called Christians was followers of the Way.

    Pilgrim is a course for the Christian journey with a focus on how to lead a Christ centered life.

    Education for Ministry

    2.5 hours beginning September 17

    Every baptized person is called to ministry. The Education for Ministry (EfM) program provides people with the education to carry out that ministry. During the Service of Confirmation we ask God to “Renew in these your servants the covenant you made with them at Baptism. Send them forth in the power of the Spirit to perform the service you set before them.” EfM offers an opportunity to discover how to respond to the call to Christian service.

    More important is the development of skills in theological reflection. The goal is to learn to think theologically. By examining their own beliefs and their relationship to our culture and the tradition of our Christian faith, participants can learn what it means to be effective ministers in the world.

    Participants in the EfM program study the entire sweep of the Christian tradition from the earliest period to the present. Participants learn the disciplines of biblical exegesis and interpretation, systematic theology, church history, ethics, liturgics, and ascetical theology.


    Registration is required and a fee of $375 to cover materials and books. Interested?
    Speak with or email Karan Merry (Click Here)