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Silent Night Project

Please join our Candlelight Silent Night virtual video!

What it is:

This will be a virtual video - similar to May the Lord video where we will be singing “together” virtually. We will be holding candles and the video will be played on our Christmas Eve service!

You can either record on your own (Choice A below) or record with Saya via zoom (Choice B below)

Choice A.

If you are comfortable using two devices to record, please follow the instructions below:

Choice B. If you don’t have two devices at home, or this sounds too complicated for you, sign up for a Zoom recording session with Saya!

Choice A: Recording by yourself.

What you need:

  1. Have a device (smartphone, iPad or computer) that can take your video.
  2. Have a second device with earphones where you can listen to Saya’s demo youtube at the same time as you are taking your video. Think of this as your “karaoke” track!
  3. A. Light the candle. B. Start your video. C. Start the “karaoke” track with your earphones on. D. Sing with Saya. E. Send your video to Saya at

Note: If you are recording with multiple people in the group, you can either all listen to Saya’s demo with earphones, or one of you listening and the rest singing along with the person with earphones.

Choice B: Signing up for Saya’s Zoom recording session.

All you need is your device for zoom, a home phone if you have (if you don’t no worries), a candle and I will videotape you singing!

Saya will be available for a zoom session on below four dates. Send an email and book a time! The zoom session will take about 20min.

Friday 11/20, Saturday 11/21, Friday 12/4, Saturday 12/5.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you in the virtual choir!

Feel free to email Saya for any question: Click Here


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