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May the Lord Project

Holy Apostles "May the Lord" project. Sign up today!

In this difficult time, you have probably seen choirs around the world creating virtual choir videos including our awesome choir! We would now like to create a virtual video of congregational "May the Lord". This will be an uplifting project, and it will be better with more voices and faces, so please consider joining!

Please watch sample video of our choir singing Alleluia. It will look like this but with much more people.


What to do:
Please participate in the short zoom session of Saya explaining how to create a video. The zoom sessions will be recorded for anyone who missed it. All you need is your interest, and I will explain exactly what will happen! In short, you will listen to an audio recording of Saya singing May the Lord, and at the same time video tape yourselves singing!

Zoom sessions:
Join us after church on Sunday, May 24th for a detailed explanation

Recording submission due date: Monday June 8th

Posted by Saya Callner
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