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Adopt a Family in Red Hook and Sunset Park

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We have been in touch with the administration of PS 15, an elementary public school in Red Hook, that serves families both in Red Hook and Sunset Park. The majority of the students at PS 15 live in public housing, with some percentage in shelters. The school has set up a system for families to request materials at home - for school work, reading and arts & crafts, as well as some basic cleaning supplies. Food is well provided for with 3 meals a day being offered for pick up for the whole family at the school and other locations. They realize that educational equity is not just about access to technology, it also means access to many of the materials that we take for granted in our homes.

There are currently 40 students whose parents have submitted wish lists. We will be receiving these lists either Friday or Monday. Our hope is that we will be able to adopt all of these children, and provide them with the materials they need. We estimate that it will cost between $75-100 to provide materials for a child with items bought on Amazon, Target, etc for direct delivery to the family. If you are willing to adopt a child(ren), please email us and indicate the number of children you would like to adopt.

We will be in touch with you once we have received all the information.

As always we pray that you are all keeping healthy, and encourage you to be in touch with one another during this time - make a point to reach out to one or two church friends a week. We need each other more than ever to get through this trying time.

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In peace with love,

The Mothers

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