Lenten Outreach

    Support the Coastal Habitat Restoration Project (CHRP) of the Shinnecock Indian Nation.

    The Shinnecock Indian Nation have embarked on a project to preserve the small amount of land they have in Suffolk County, Long Island, Their efforts to restore their lands after Hurricane Sandy and protect it against future climate changes and events are a natural approach using the natural landscape and materials from nature. Their projects include beach nourishment, planting native plants, and building back dunes.

    With our Lenten Outreach giving, Holy Apostles will support the Shinnecock’s CHRP project by helping them to purchase oyster shells to be built into part of their oyster reef in the water that is designed to disperse the energy from waves. They have a desire to expand the oyster reef, but at the moment do not have funds to do so. Can you help them with endeavors to naturally respond to climate change?

    Each pallet of oyster shells costs $500.


    Want to know more?

    Check out https://shinnecockenvironmental.org/chrp/seven-overview.

    And https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/05/climate/shinnecock-long-island-climate.html.

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